Chula Vista KOA to the Mexican Border

It’s ten miles or so to the border, and as we’re staying here tonight, we don’t have to haul all our stuff along.  We set off reasonably early to avoid the heat.     The bike route signs show us the way.       Well, sort of anyway.  We find our way to the […]

Carlsbad to Chula Vista KOA

It’s a lovely Sunday morning as we leave Carlsbad, and so we are only two amongst many hundreds of cyclists as we continue along the coast.  In fact, everyone is out doing something active: surfing, running, cycling, roller-blading.  It’s going to be hot.     We chat with some of them at the lights as […]

San Clemente to Carlsbad

We leave San Clemente on the world’s widest cycle path.     We’re approaching our destination: the border is about 20 miles south of San Diego.     We pass SONGS: San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.  Some environmental groups refer to this as Fukushima USA, as it’s in a tsunami zone and the station is […]

Sunset Beach to San Clemente

The days are taking on a different pattern now: less fog in the morning, nice and clear, and really hot by 11am.  We set off along the path to Huntington Beach.     On the way, we meet and chat to another cyclist.  We pause in HB itself to exchange details and have a drink. […]

Redondo Beach Rest Day, and then Sunset Beach

Our rest day follows it’s usual course.  I go and find coffee and croissants somewhere when I awake, and then we lounge about and get up at about 9-ish.  In this case, it’s at a donut place in the mall over the road.  We then take a walk to Redondo Pier, where there’s a lot […]

Leo Carillo State Beach to a nice motel in Redondo Beach

We’re up early, as we want to be gone from Leo Carrillo.  We roll at about 8am.  The surfers are already up and at it on the actual Leo Carrillo State Beach, which is really very picturesque.     We soon stop at a Starbucks in Malibu, as we didn’t even pause to make our […]

McGrath State Beach to Leo Carillo State Beach

It’s, er, cool and cloudy again when we set out the following morning.  We’re gone pretty early, as the parks guys like hiker-bikers to leave to prevent “transients” (aka the homeless) from settling in.  Of which more later.  Here’s Diane putting another layer on next to a nice power station.     After coffee in […]

Carpinteria to McGrath State Beach

As we leave this morning, heavens there are a lot of cyclists about !  We’re on the route of a 100-mile charity ride.  We chat to some of them, the ones who aren’t head down going for it.     This is surfing country.  Everyone has a surfboard on their car.  The sea is black […]

Lompoc to Refugio State Beach, then to Carpinteria

It’s cloudy again this morning, evidently a rare event in Lompoc.  We set off along Highway 1 again, turning up a canyon heading back to the sea.  This climbs a thousand feet in about 14 miles, but there’s a hill down at the other end.  It’s hot, hot, hot by the time we get there. […]

Pismo Beach Rest Day, then Lompoc (pronounced Lom-poke)

It turns out to be a lovely day in Pismo Beach, which purports to be a “Classic Californian Beach Town”.  Our cheapo motel (Motel 6, so called because all the rooms used to be $6: dream on these days) is separated from Pismo by the largest RV park I’ve ever seen.  This is only a […]