Carlsbad to Chula Vista KOA

It’s a lovely Sunday morning as we leave Carlsbad, and so we are only two amongst many hundreds of cyclists as we continue along the coast.  In fact, everyone is out doing something active: surfing, running, cycling, roller-blading.  It’s going to be hot.
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We chat with some of them at the lights as we pass through the seaside towns between Carlsbad and San Diego.  This place was called Stratford Square: you don’t get many half-timbered buildings round here, let me tell you.
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We climb a big hill up to La Jolla with all the roadies, to cries of “good climb, man” and “welcome to San Diego !”  It’s very hot now, and it makes me look slightly tetchy in photographs.
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Then we’re down into La Jolla itself, a jolly rich-looking town composed of lots of University of California San Diego.
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We go a bit more down-market and pass through Mission Bay.
P10109880001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
And then we get slightly lost but get a good view of San Diego across the water.
P10109930001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
Our route takes us past Lindbergh Field, aka San Diego International Airport.  Here’s a mural of Charles L himself.
P10109940001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
Our route takes us all along the scenic waterfront, and past the USS Midway, a decommissioned aircraft carrier which is now a museum.  San Diego is a very big Navy town, and they have many bases and installations around the bay.
P10109970001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
Our way, though, lies down towards the border, so we head south and cycle through National City.  This is where the docks are, including the Navy yards, and it looks like it.  The big raised structure is the bridge over to Coronado.
P10200010001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
National City is where people round here go to buy cars.
P10200020001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
But we don’t want any, so we head for Chula Vista and our last two nights camping, at KOA.  Like a few of the KOAs we’ve been to, it’s nestled under a motorway, so it’s a wee bit noisy.  The Border tomorrow.

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