Buenos Aires, The Big City: Part 2

Apartment life is relaxing after our ten months on the road, and the big city continues to entertain us.  We find a friendly bar round the corner, although we are missing good British real ale, and several supermarkets within five minutes walk, so we eat in a lot: eating out every single night gets a […]

Buenos Aires, The Big City: Part I

We arrive in Buenos Aires, on the day bus from Cordoba, into the massive Retiro bus station.  We’re booked into a small aparthotel in a residential area close to Palermo and many elegant statues, buildings and parks.  The city has a good feel, perhaps more cosmopolitan and pseudo-European than anywhere else we’ve been on this […]

Crossing the South American Continent, from the Pacific to the Atlantic: Valparaiso to Buenos Aires

We are planning on spending some time in Buenos Aires, but first we have to get there, and it’s on the other side of the continent. We could do it all in one very long, journey, but we decide to split it up and stop in Cordoba, Argentina, for a couple days. So it’s 23 […]