Relaxing in Goa, the End of the Trip

We arrive at the domestic air terminal in Mumbai, check in quickly and find some coffee The security is tight and the whole place nice and clean. Normal really, we’re just not used to it.

It’s a short flight to Panaji, capital of Goa, occupied by the Portuguese until 1961. It’s a beautiful place with […]

A Brief Pause in Mumbai

Believe it or not, one of the highlights of Mumbai is the Chhatrapati Shivaji train station where we arrive, apparently a wonder of colonial architecture. Well, we’re pretty tired when we arrive,so we exit at the side and miss the good sights. We are, though, pretty impressed with the speed of our old taxi, an […]

East to West Across India

After filling our boots with excellent food in Kolkata we contemplate our next journey. When planning to this trip we thought it would be neat to travel the whole way from one coast of the country to the other, but now we are well aware how big India is! We break the journey in Jalgaon […]

Inspecting the Pantry Car on the Way to Kolkata

We are feeling refreshed after our relaxing few days, but all too soon it’s time for the next train. No cows in evidence as we check the information board at Gaya station, but two travellers have given up on the long delay and bedded down. Our train is late once more, this time by 6 […]

Will We Find Peace and Quiet in Bodhgaya?

Whilst waiting for the next train we are both trying to recover from multiple assaults on our senses and wondering if we’ll find some peace and quiet soon. In the waiting hall life goes on as normal: people shouting, pushing, falling over others snoozing on the floor, drinking chai. Meanwhile, a cow is also wondering […]

Christmas in Varanasi

We arrive in Varanasi on Christmas Day morning from another overnight train having shared a sleeping compartment with a male who was obviously practising for the forthcoming International Train Snoring World Record. We are of course late by about four hours. It doesn’t actually matter to us, but our mad autorickshaw driver propels us to […]

The Temples In Khajuraho

After Agra, we take the overnight train to Khajuraho to see the temples. The train is, of course, late, so we don’t get into our bunks until about 1am. We’re supposed to arrive at 6:20am, but it’s after 10 when we arrive, so we get a bit of a lie-in. We’re staying at the Hotel […]

The Fog on the Taj

Agra is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in India, home to the Taj Mahal. It’s open to the public on every day except Friday, so naturally we arrive late on a Thursday. Fortunately, there’s other stuff to do in Agra, so on the Friday we set off for the Fort. It’s popular, as The […]

Tigers and Birds

So, after the delights of Udaipur we’re off to the tiger reserve at Ranthambore hoping to catch a glimpse of the big cat. This is the only activity which we booked from the UK before we left, as the safari drives into the park book up really quickly. We are staying at a moderately posh […]

Octopussy Movie Every Night At 7pm

Our train from Jaipur to Udaipur departs late in the evening, officially at 22:20. We’re dropped at the station at about 21:15, so we’re in good time. As it happens, we’re in very good time indeed, positively oodles in advance, in fact on the wrong day, because it is four hours late. We eventually board […]