The Fix-It Culture

First, an apology to our regular readers: this post is late.  The main reason is that the hard disk died on our trusty Sony Vaio netbook, the very machine on which I am typing these words.  We use this machine a lot: we move money around with it, keep in touch with family, friends and […]

Arequipa and the Colca Canyon

Arequipa is on the altiplano, the largest area of high desert plains in the world.  It is overlooked by the snow-covered volcano El Misti, and is called the White City, perhaps because the old city was built from a local white volcanic rock, sillar.  Any way up, it’s beautiful, if cold.     We are […]

Lima, the big city !

We arrived in Lima early in the morning after an exceedingly comfy bus journey care of Cruz del Sur, probably the best bus company in Peru.  Mind you, regular readers will remember that in Ecuador a 10-hour journey would cost US$10 (about £7), but this one cost more like £21 each.  For that, though, we […]

From the High Andes to the Dry Pacific Coast

We had a good time in Cuenca, and celebrated our final night visiting favourite eating and drinking holes.  We now have to travel to northern Peru, via Loja in Ecuador, over the border to Piura in Peru, and then on to Trujillo on our way south.  The bus journey to Loja was, according to the […]