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After our restful week in the country we bussed it to Cali, the biggest city in Colombia after Bogota.  An easy ride of two buses and only 3 hours and we found ourselves in the big city in the mid-day heat.  Later on we wandered around, and found nothing much of interest other than a […]

A Week In The Country

When we arrived in Bogota we had no idea where to go next other than “head south”, so it was good to hear a number of people talk fondly of an area called the Zona Cafetera (coffee country), about eight hours bus ride south-west of Bogota on narrow twisty roads – great scenery and many […]

Farewell Central America, Hello South America, or PTY to BOG in 12 hours

Our flight to Bogota in Colombia is at 11:05, so we’re up at the airport by about 8:30, and duly check in for our one hour flight.  How optimistic of us.  We lounge about in the departure lounge until our flight shows as delayed, expected to leave at 14:25.  It slips a bit further, and […]