A Stop-over in Istanbul

When we were booking our flights to India Turkish Airlines had the cheapest flights, connecting in Istanbul.  We decided to stay over for four nights and take in the sights, sounds and tastes rather than hacking straight on to Delhi.  We landed in the late afternoon and caught the metro into town, easy journey so far.  We had a Google map and reckoned we could walk from the Sultanahmet tram stop to the hotel.  Of course, we got hideously lost in the tiny network of streets, but after asking in several hotels, we eventually pitched up at the Hotel Saruhan.  This proves to be a top spot, with a lovely breakfast terrace overlooking the Sea of Marmaris.


The next few days was an enjoyable a whirl of sightseeing, drinking tea, watching the locals and marvelling at the beautiful architecture.  The weather was warm and sunny and a great start to our trip.  Here are a few memories.

Old guys rule.



The Blue Mosque, beautiful outside and inside.




We found a watering hole.



A ferry ride on the Bosphorous.



The Arabic calligraphy was fascinating. This example is inside Aya Sophia, now a museum constantly under renovation.



Not to mention the great food, friendly people and a city full of cats – we were happy.   Now we’re moving on to the madness they call New Delhi.

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