The Rainy Season in Cuenca

Yes readers, we’re still in Ecuador and loving it !  On our trip so far, this is the longest we’ll have spent in one country: 46 days.  We left Banos on an early morning bus bound for Riobamba, where we were told it was an easy change of bus towards Cuenca, our destination.  Unfortunately the […]

A Night in Quito, A Few Days in Banos

We got the day bus back from the coast to Quito where it was raining and cold, such a change from the hot weather at the coast.  The following morning we took a taxi to the massive new southern bus station in Quito known as Quitumbe, which is a modern, purpose-built bus terminal set on […]

Surfing and Sunsets in Canoa

We were thinking of nipping out to the west coast before heading south, and the ever-helpful Crystal from our travel company in the Galapagos recommended Canoa, and particularly Hostal Baloo, where, as well as accommodation, they do surfing lessons and yoga J So, we boarded the overnight bus in Quito at 11:30pm, and arrived in […]

Two Weeks In The Mighty Galapagos

Oh, where to start !  We’d anticipated that the Galapagos Islands would be one of the highlights of our trip, and so it was.  The variety and abundance of wildlife here is astonishing.  We decided that there wasn’t any point skimping on a trip as expensive as this (and, believe me, the Galapagos is expensive), […]