Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso

So, we’re over the Andes, and it’s winter, so Chile is pretty chilly.  We’re also pretty knackered, so we decide to rent an apartment for a week and catch up on world events, principally Wimbledon and the Tour de France.  Our apartment is in a high rise block (complete with outside swimming pool!) right in […]

Into Argentina: Salta, Mendoza, Wine, More Wine, and Snow

One thing which they have in Chile and Argentina, which we haven’t seen for a while, is roads.  Real roads, with tarmac surfaces, road markings and everything.  Bolivia’s a wee bit short on this stuff.  Here’s a picture taken from the bus as we cross from Chile into Argentina.  More top salt-flat and Andean scenery. […]

The Salar de Uyuni, Feeling Very Cold, and a Brief Trip to Chile

We set off on a local bus from Potosi.  We tourists have seats, but as we head into the wilds of the countryside the bus picks up more and more people and several sit down in the aisle, either on little portable seats or (in the case of local women) on their multicoloured blankets.  Real […]

Sucre, Potosi and Drinking with Miners

After our lazy few days in La Paz it is time to join our group trip and depart the busy city.  Our itinerary over the next three weeks will take us south through Bolivia into Argentina and Chile, and leave us in Santiago in early July.  We booked the trip to enable us to travel […]