Diving in Belize and Christmas in Antigua

Well, the diving in Belize, mostly on Lighthouse Reef, was very good: the reefs are in very good condition.  We dived the Blue Hole, which I found a slight disappointment.  It’s billed as being the dive of a lifetime, but when we were there the visibility wasn’t good, so there wasn’t much to see.  We […]

Belize here we come: Paul disappears to the outer reaches of the Belize reef to go diving for a week, Diane hangs out on Caye Caulker and goes to the jungle.

Hi, Diane again.  No doubt Paul will resume more normal service in the near future when he gets his head above water for long enough.  Not much chance of an internet connection down with those sharks!   We got the overnight comfy ADO bus from Playa del Carmen  (Mexico).  After a snooze we arrived at […]

Paul spends all his days diving and Diane photographs most of the (sea)birds on the beach.

Hi, Diane writing this for a change.  Paul has been *so* busy diving he has delegated this section to me!   Whilst he was busy I took more Spanish lessons, but I’m still not much good.  I went snorkelling with turtles and rays, got bored with sunbathing and took far too many photos of birds […]

Diane goes to the dogs and I go diving

Whenever we walk to Siempre (also known as Walmart) to buy some stuff, we pass the Palacio Municipal.  Occasionally, they light it up rather attractively.  Recently, I’ve been buying watches in Walmart, as I need to time things underwater when I’m teaching students.  The first one cost 140 pesos, about £7.  It lasted about a […]