Our Latin America Highlights

What was the favourite place? Well, this is pretty much the first thing anyone asks us when we meet them, so here are some thoughts. The Journey, The People We travelled mostly by bus, from Mexico all the way through Central America, then flew into Colombia and bussed it south all the way down the […]

Rio de Janeiro, the end of our trip, and thanks to all our readers

After a lazy three days in Parati we board our last bus of the trip bound for Rio de Janeiro – our last long-distance bus of this trip.  A quick taxi ride and we are settled in our apartment, just a block away from Copacabana beach.  The weather is incredibly hot when we arrive so […]

Perfectly Peaceful Parati

We arrive in Parati on schedule, a mere 24 hours after leaving Foz do Iguacu.  Not a bad journey really and we even get some sleep.  The scenery turns lush with green hills and we’re happy to arrive in the beautiful beachside town of Parati.  It’s Saturday evening and the touristy town is full of […]

Into Brazil and the splendid Iguacu Falls

We have a slightly dodgy couple of hours getting from La Paloma, Uruguay, to a petrol station on a major road 15 miles away to pick up our overnight bus at 11pm, heading for Brazil.  It involves a taxi, a local bus, and then another taxi to Km 207, where the bus is inevitably late. […]

From Buenos Aires Up the Atlantic Coast Of Uruguay

The check in for our boat journey from Buenos Aires is more like an airline operation and the journey is only three hours.  We arrive in the huge port of Montevideo in the early evening.  After a wander round the nearby streets Paul finds an office to change our remaining Argentinian pesos for Uruguayan, and […]

Buenos Aires, The Big City: Part 2

Apartment life is relaxing after our ten months on the road, and the big city continues to entertain us.  We find a friendly bar round the corner, although we are missing good British real ale, and several supermarkets within five minutes walk, so we eat in a lot: eating out every single night gets a […]

Buenos Aires, The Big City: Part I

We arrive in Buenos Aires, on the day bus from Cordoba, into the massive Retiro bus station.  We’re booked into a small aparthotel in a residential area close to Palermo and many elegant statues, buildings and parks.  The city has a good feel, perhaps more cosmopolitan and pseudo-European than anywhere else we’ve been on this […]

Crossing the South American Continent, from the Pacific to the Atlantic: Valparaiso to Buenos Aires

We are planning on spending some time in Buenos Aires, but first we have to get there, and it’s on the other side of the continent. We could do it all in one very long, journey, but we decide to split it up and stop in Cordoba, Argentina, for a couple days. So it’s 23 […]

Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso

So, we’re over the Andes, and it’s winter, so Chile is pretty chilly.  We’re also pretty knackered, so we decide to rent an apartment for a week and catch up on world events, principally Wimbledon and the Tour de France.  Our apartment is in a high rise block (complete with outside swimming pool!) right in […]

Into Argentina: Salta, Mendoza, Wine, More Wine, and Snow

One thing which they have in Chile and Argentina, which we haven’t seen for a while, is roads.  Real roads, with tarmac surfaces, road markings and everything.  Bolivia’s a wee bit short on this stuff.  Here’s a picture taken from the bus as we cross from Chile into Argentina.  More top salt-flat and Andean scenery. […]