Carpinteria to McGrath State Beach

As we leave this morning, heavens there are a lot of cyclists about !  We’re on the route of a 100-mile charity ride.  We chat to some of them, the ones who aren’t head down going for it.
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This is surfing country.  Everyone has a surfboard on their car.  The sea is black with them, but unfortunately it’s summer, so the waves are few and far between.
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We lose the cyclists in Ventura, short for San Buenaventura, and home to the Patagonia outdoor gear company, trivia fans, one of my favourites.  The local bike path takes us round by the beach and this rock garden, which anyone can help with building.
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I don’t know what I’m doing here, really.
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We then ride round and round Ventura a couple of times trying to find a cheapish source of sandwiches.  Eventually, we seize upon a supermarket outside town, and then hang out at a coffee shop until 3-ish.  The State Park won’t let us in until 4 pm officially, but they do anyway at 3:30pm.
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We set up in a nice grassy area, though close to the road and remote from the beach.  Diane goes off to explore said strand.
P10107420001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
The sands around here, though, contain tar.  Not from flushing out tankers, like the beaches north of Liverpool during my youth, but naturally.  Diane finds some of this interesting substance, though she isn’t very happy about it.
P10107480001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
Most of it comes off eventually!  A noisy night ensues thanks to the partying groups around us and the main road.  We’re off to Leo Carillo State Beach, the nearest one to Los Angeles, just outside Malibu tomorrow morning.

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