Kirk Creek to Pismo Beach via San Simeon and Morro Bay

Up and at them to get over the two remaining big hills before the tourist traffic starts.  Most of the vehicles on California 1 around here are either RVs, obviously rented because it says so in big letters on the side, or big rental cars containing families who stop at every view point, or middle-aged […]

Monterey to Pfeiffer Big Sur, then Kirk Creek

Off we go to Big Sur on another cool and foggy morning.  I’d hoped not to have to climb the big hill between Monterey and Carmel, but we’re not allowed on the freeway, so up we go.  We eventually ride through Carmel, stop at Safeway to buy food, and then hit the twisty little road […]

New Brighton to Monterey via Marina

Up bright and early courtesy of being booted out at 9am.  This bit of the ride is through miles and miles of fruit farms, mostly strawberries at first, then artichokes.  It’s still foggy and cool.  These are strawberries.     We pass through the town of Moss Landing, chiefly distinguished by it’s power station, obvious […]

Half Moon Bay State Park to New Brighton via Pigeon Point

Well, everyone we’ve met has said that we ought to stay at the hostel at Pigeon Point because it’s next to the lighthouse, and it’s nice, so that’s what we’re going to do.  This makes for a short day, about 20 miles, so we linger at the campsite and then have breakfast in Half Moon […]

San Francisco, then Half Moon Bay State Park

So, we stayed for three nights in San Francisco.  We both felt tired, and decided our legs could do with a proper rest.  Our motel is about as far out of SF as is possible whilst still being on the Muni: we’re actually at the end of the N line.  It’s about a 45 minute […]

Samuel P Taylor State Park to San Francisco

OK, let’s get it over with.  Here it is.  The Golden Gate Bridge after we’ve cycled over it, 1240 miles after leaving Vancouver.  Looks nice, doesn’t it ?     Anyway, we pulled out of the campground at about 8:15 and rode down towards Fairfax for breakfast.  It’s a Saturday morning, so there aren’t many […]

Van Damme State Park to Manchester KOA, to Gualala, to Bodega Dunes, to Sam Taylor State Park

Another multi-day post.  Apologies, but wifi is hard to come by in the remoter bits of Northern California !  Anyway, this is a monster four-day post as we approach San Francisco.   It’s a foggy, cold day as we leave Van Damme.  There are a lot of bridges to nowhere this morning.     The […]