(Not) Beerless in Seattle

Up the next morning for a quick ride into town,and then a ferry over to Seattle.  Good views on the way.
P10005230001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
We’re staying at the Hostelling International American Hotel, just inside Chinatown, a short ride from the ferry terminal.
P10005390001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
Walked to REI to buy some kit.  Paul has to replace his bike shorts, which have fallen to bits, and also his cycling gloves, which are old and noisome.  Inevitably, we spent quite a lot and had to get over the shock by sampling a number of Seattle beers from the Pike Brewery, near to Pike Market.  The Naughtie Nellie is excellent.
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The transit system is amazing so we got the bus – interesting for two reasons – it’s free in the downtown area and it goes underground, completely.The next day we were tourists, no cycling, so we took the monorail to the Space Needle for great views of the city.
P10005710001.JPG (600x800 pixels)
A bit cool and cloudy, so we went into a music museum called the Experience Music Project.  It was so fascinating we had to break for lunch in the middle.  There were special exhibitions on Jimmy Hendrix and Nirvana, both of which were really good.  I now know more about Nirvana than is probably healthy for me.
P100056200010001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
More walking around, more beer and we noticed trees wrapped up in knitted jumpers.
P10005810001.JPG (600x800 pixels)
We had dinner at a Mexican, and Paul decided he needed a diet coke with it.  This is a medium cup.  Yes, medium.
P10005820001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
Anyway, we liked Seattle.  Up early tomorrow for the ferry over to Bremerton, and then the ride continues. Pacific Ocean here we come!

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