Seattle to the Pacific Ocean at Westport

Three days in one !  Bargain.  An early ferry over to Bremerton on a blue day.  It was so clear, Mount Rainier (pronounced Ran-ear) put in an appearance.
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On the boat we meet a number of cyclists, including a group of three who are riding supported from Seattle to San Francisco in 11 days !  We’ve got it pencilled in for about 5 weeks.  Bremerton has a naval shipyard, and seems to be the final resting place for old aircraft carriers like the USS Kitty Hawk.  I didn’t take any pictures in case anyone got shirty.
We’re skirting the Olympic mountains, which also showed their heads today.
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Our destination is the Shelton Inn, a classic motel, as there are no campgrounds near enough to the route.  They’re having a classic car rally in town as we arrive.
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The following morning is much less nice, with rain in the air.  Off we go for Montesano, to stay in Lake Sylvia State Park.  It’s a fairly heads-down sort of ride, mostly on freeways.  We pass the never-commissioned Satsop Nuclear Power Station: there’s not much going on in Satsop now.
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We arrive at Montesano and buy some food.  The camp ground is up a hill out of town, and it begins to rain as we’re setting up.  It pretty much does this for the whole night.  Our trusty Hilleberg holds it off, but it’s pretty damp all the same.  The next pitch is taken by a solo tourist who’s been on the road for 8 weeks, and has cycled from Nebraska.  He looked pretty damp.
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Up at 7:30 for the final haul to the coast.  Again, it’s heads down.  We pass through Aberdeen, birthplace of the front-man of a famous Seattle band.  Can you guess who ?  If not, click here.
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Diane is very happy today.
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Then we’re on the final push to the coast.  We set up camp at Twin Harbors State Park, and Paul has to clean the tent which is covered in crap from last night’s camp site.
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A few yards from us, though, is the Pacific ! “Ocian in view! O! the joy,” Cycling the Pacific Coast really starts now!
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