Friday Harbour to Fay Bainbridge State Park

Another blue sky morning and we got an early ferry from Friday Harbour.  On the ferry we met a chap commuting to work in Anacortes who recommended a good route out of town.  Good idea we thought, and it was a nice route along the Tommy Thompson trail avoiding some of the main road route.  Unfortunately it also added about eight miles to our day, but hey, there we are.
P10004790001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
We arrived at Deception Pass, a high bridge over a narrow sea channel with a formidable tide below.
P10004800001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
We had lunch in Oak Harbour, in an Italian restaurant, served by an Asian gentleman who had relatives in London, and then rode on to the Keystone ferry over to Port Townsend.  It was fairly perishing by this time, with a really cold wind, so we stopped to buy food and then headed off to our campsite in Fort Worden State Park, our first hiker-biker campground: that is, small and with no vehicle access.
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It rained a wee bit during the night, so we packed the tent up wet and headed for Fay Bainbridge State Park, just over Puget Sound from Seattle.  On the way we crossed the Hood Canal bridge, and stopped at Port Gamble for coffee and a (really quite expensive) bun.
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Finally, after climbing many hills, we arrived at Bainbridge at 4:03 in the afternoon on the day when they were holding their park rededication celebration, with free hot dogs and a live band !  Result !  Good views of Seattle also: yes, one of Bill Gates’ houses is over there somewhere.
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P10005170001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
We whacked the tent up and joined in.  We ended the evening cooking (canned) chili on our marvellous MSR Pocket Rocket, and then listening to the ever-increasing power of the rain which then lashed us for the rest of the night.
P10005120001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
Seattle tomorrow !

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