Ganges in Canada to Friday Harbour in the US, via Sidney

Two days in one, because we spent a lot of time waiting around for ferries, and didn’t do a lot of cycling.  As we spent two extra days in Vancouver, the ferry schedule has flipped to the summer times, and so there’s not a ferry to Friday Harbour until 5:55pm tomorrow.
It rained overnight in Ganges, but mercifully stopped when we were packing up.  We cooked scrambled eggs for breakfast, and then headed out for a short ride to Fulford Harbour for the trip back to the mainland.
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A typical day round here: cloud low down on the trees, cold when the sun isn’t out.
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Then off the ferry to our campground at McDonald State Park, a couple of miles outside Sidney.  The tent pegs are persuaded to go in with a small rock, and then we head into town to look around, buy food and check the ferry times.  Again.
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An early evening meal and lots of sleep were on the agenda, so back to the campsite.   Overnight, we had heard a MASSIVE bird call outside.  It was an owl, apparently, but if so it must have been about 8 feet high.  The following morning we were up at a leisurely time to cook breakfast (bacon and eggs, this time), pack up and head into town.
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More hanging around, drinking coffee and chatting to the very kind and interested locals, and then finally we clear US immigration and we’re on the ferry to Friday Harbour.
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A short ride from the ferry, and our destination, the Wayfarer’s Rest hostel.  We’ll probably stay here for a couple of days to take in some kayaking, whale watching and riding round the island.
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