Nanaimo to Ganges, on Saltspring Island (with more pictures of Paul, by special request)

Not a particularly early start from the Painted Turtle guesthouse, after a jolly nice breakfast at the place round the corner.
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Lovely and sunny again, and quiet roads to start with until we join Canada Highway 1, heading south.  This is a large dual carriageway, but with a massive wide shoulder, and helpful bike signs !  It’s still got massive trucks carrying logs and the like on it, though, so it isn’t a particularly pleasant ride.
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After a coffee and cake stop in Ladysmith (at the Town Bakery, Best Buns in Ladysmith), we peel off towards Chemainus on a quieter road, passing through Saltair, spotting eagles along the way.
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A quick pitstop in Chemainus, and we’re on the final leg to the ferry terminal at Crofton.
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Here, we get lost, passing our turn which is completely unsigned in our direction.  After a five mile diversion and a quick chat with the locals, we arrive back at the junction and, in this direction, there’s a HUGE sign pointing us to the ferry.  We arrive at about 2:10, just in time to miss the 2:05 ferry.  So we have lunch, and I have a quick kip.
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We arrive in Vesuvius Bay on Saltspring Island and then cycle over to Ganges.  The campsite is advertised as being a kilometre outside town, but actually it’s more like a mile – and seriously uphill.
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We camp, after borrowing a hammer to pound the pegs into the rock-hard dirt, then walk into town down the hill, have dinner, and walk back up again.  Beer from the Saltspring Island Brewery eased the pain.

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