Mexico, No bikes, and Hurricane Rina

We’ve been back from the US for about 6 weeks, and apart from a couple of cycling trips and a brief interlude diving in the Azores for me, we’ve been preparing to go to Central and South America.  As well as a bit of research, this has mostly boiled down to clearing the house out, as we are renting it out while we are away.
This has proved to be a bit of a chore, and we’re both now heartily tired of it.  If I could time-travel, I would pop back about twenty years like Bill and Ted and say to myself “Dude, really, don’t buy all that stuff.  You’ll just end up chucking it out or giving it to Oxfam.”  Our house would then be a minimalist’s dream, and emptying it merely a further exercise in Zen.  As it is, we have a world-class collection of plastic storage containers which we have to find space for, as well as tons of other stuff.  It’s a mystery where it all came from.
Anyway, all done now, which is handy as we’re at Gatwick, and we’re supposed to be flying to Cancun today.  In fact we’re not, as Hurricane Rina struck Cancun this morning, and our flight was cancelled.  So, we’re rebooked for Saturday in the hope that Rina moves on and we can get there.  We’ll maybe mooch into London for a night.
When we get to Cancun, we’re catching the bus down to Playa del Carmen, which has less of a reputation as a party town.  We’ll stay there a while, and then head down to Belize.  We have a plan up to about Christmas, but it’s all a bit vague after that, although in general we’ll be heading south for a while.
Oh, and for the record, we’re not taking bikes: this time we’re backpacking.  Anyway, here’s a photo of Diane on the platform at Bath Spa station with our luggage, shortly before we boarded the train and she discovered she’d left the little rucsac she’s holding on the platform J Fortunately we got it back, but it was exciting for a while.
P10202460001.JPG (556x417 pixels)

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