Eureka to Fortuna

Up late as we’re not going far, and we watch the day’s Tour de France stage live on the box.  We leave at about 10:30: it’s kind of grizzly and overcast again.  During the early part of the ride we hit 1000 miles ridden on Diane’s bike computer.  According to the gps, we’ve done about 930 miles, but Diane’s figure includes social mileage, riding around in the evening and so on.  Either way, it’s quite a bit.
P10100700001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
Fortuna is a lovely little town, just off the 101.  It has real shops and a happy air, as well as a cinema.  As we are quite early, we decide to go and set up camp and then pop back into town to catch a film: Harry Potter 7, as they call it.  We fancy doing some different for a couple of hours.
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P10100750001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
Our camp site is nice too, although it’s quite close to our old friend, US 101, again.
P10100710001.JPG (800x600 pixels)
We watch the film, very doomy I thought.  Probably would have helped if we’d seen any of the last four, but there we are.  Then we walk back and eat at the Eel River Brewery and Grill.  For a description of the food see the five options described previously.  Nice beer, though.
P10100760001.JPG (600x800 pixels)
Note the Triple Exultation at 9.7% bloomin’ percent !!  Not for me, thanks.  Off into the Redwoods tomorrow.

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