Sunset Bay State Park to Bullard's Beach State Park

Sunset Bay, for all it’s loveliness, is a haven for biting bugs. Not to mention squirrels. We’ve decided on a short day so that we can look round the little town of Bandon, and also do some interiweb business. The campground is 20-odd miles away, so we arrive, set up, and head into town. The […]

Honeyman State Park to Sunset Bay State Park via Umpqua

We passed a pleasant day and two nights in Honeyman.  The hiker-biker site filled up, so we talked with a couple from LA who decided to do the trip three weeks ago, a Brit who is cycling to Singapore, and a Scot who had just that day finished cycling across America from Virginia.  He also […]

Beverley Beach State Park to Honeyman State Park via Beachside State Park

Two days in one, as one was pretty short.  Up at relative sparrow’s, and off to Newport to pick up some spares at Newport Bike, which was just about open when we rolled up.  After breakfast at Stephanie’s Cafe, rather marvellous, we had to ride over another stuffing bridge to get out of town.   […]

Lincoln City to Beverley Beach State Park

The 4th of July passed us by, apart from a massive number of bangs during the evening as people let off their fireworks.  We thought we would cycle into town, about 4 miles, maybe watch the fireworks, but Lincoln is basically a 5-mile long strip mall next to a beach, so we didn’t, and spent […]

Cape Lookout State Park to Lincoln City

Up early, tent soggy, bagel and apricot jam for breakfast, then on the road.  A hilly day today, apparently, and this begins as soon as we start riding.  Nice view from the top, though.     Just after this we stopped at a very local store to buy coffee and dark chocolate Milky Ways.  The […]

Nehalem State Park to Cape Lookout State Park

It was a beautiful if windy evening when we went to bed, but it was foggy when we awoke, so the tent is soggy again.  Seems fairly standard now.  Anyway, we discovered that our Lumix camera takes photos if you tap the screen on the back, so here’s one Diane took by accident.     […]

Astoria to Nehalem State Park

A sparkly blue day for our first cycling in Oregon, where we’d been promised fantastic scenery.  The Oregonians, in their wisdom, have established the Oregon Coast Cycle Trail, with helpful signs showing you where to go, even if they do run along good ‘ol US 101, our old friend.     We saw lots of […]

Bay Center to Astoria, Oregon

The weather forecast, a fickle and changeable thing in the Pacific Northwest, says it’ll be nice weather all the way through the July 4th weekend.  And indeed, it isn’t actually raining when we get up, and we can pack up the tent sort of dry-ish.  Breakfast of camp scrambled eggs and bread, whilst watching hummingbirds […]

Westport to Bay Centre

Wet,  Very, very wet.  Today it rained, for most of the day.  The forecast was for showers.  If this was a shower, it was a jumbo, super-size shower, as it ran for about 6 hours.  That notwithstanding, Diane was very happy again today apart from the wet.     Anyhoo, we didn’t take many pictures […]