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Mayan Ruins, Scarlet Macaws and Giant Butterflies in Honduras

Well, we set off for Honduras by shuttle bus from Guatemala.  This was scheduled to take about 6 hours, and “shuttle bus” is usually code for “a small, rather cramped minibus in a dubious state of repair”.  And so it was: we all piled on, and arrived in Copan Ruinas, Honduras, seven and a half […]

Black Sand and Turtles on the Pacific Ocean

We’d been wanting a look at the Pacific Ocean before we left Guatemala, so we hopped the shuttle to Monterrico, a tiny little village on the coast.  We fancied a few days of hammocks and sea, and this seemed to fit the bill.  This being a volcanic area, the beaches are black, so when the […]

It's 2012, we continue our Spanish lessons and take in a few of the sights in Antigua

No public holiday on 2nd January for the Guatemaltecans, so we were back to Spanish lessons.  They started to get a bit more complicated as we progressed onto the varieties of the past tense.  I went for a haircut, eek, not quite the same as at home but a quarter the price!  We went with […]

A (Mock) Wedding, a Bike Ride and Guatemalan New Year

We’re back at a Spanish language school again, and to give their students’ brains a change from classroom learning, they organize activities where the teachers accompany the students out into the local community to practise Spanish and learn a bit about the local customs. We go along to a craft center in a nearby town […]